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College student + Grandma = Big business

Here’s a heartwarming story from the Beloit Daily News. Two years ago, college senior Patrick McKnight started a business called “Pat’s Pies”. It has continued to grow with help from his grandmother, Ruth Ross.

Beloit College student Patrick McKnight works with his grandmother, Ruth Ross, to top off pies at her Garden Prairie, Ill. home. From the Beloit Daily News.

According to the article, Patrick learned how to bake from his grandmother, who still bakes her own pies to sell:

“I think she really likes that someone else is learning to bake pies and can help her out, and vice versa,” McKnight said. “She’s asked for help with some big orders for up to 60 pies.”

Without CELEB, McKnight says he would have not only missed out on the opportunity to have a small business, but also make priceless memories with Ross.

“I love spending time with her (Ross) and I really can’t eat pie anywhere else that isn’t made by her,” McKnight said. “It just doesn’t feel right.”

For more information, or to order a pie made by McKnight and grandma Ruth Ross, call 815-353-7035.

We love this article because (1) homemade pie is great, and (2) it’s awesome that grandmother & grandson spend time together in such a fun way!