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11 year old girl designs unbreakable cup for Parkinson’s patients (like her grandfather).

Have you heard about Kangaroo Cups? Designed by 11 year old Lily Born, these 3-legged cups help patients with Parkinson’s Disease drink without spilling. Kangaroo Cups are a really family affair – Lily’s inspiration was her grandfather, who has Parkinson’s, and her production team includes her father, who has brought many products to market in the past:






Top: Lily’s grandfather with an early version of the Kangaroo Cup. Middle: Stacked ceramic Kangaroo Cups. Bottom: Inventor Lily. Photos courtesy of the Kangaroo Cup website.

On May 9, 2014, Lily and her team launched a Kickstarter campaign to make an unbreakable plastic version of the Kangaroo Cup. Their goal is $25,000, and as of today, more than $36,000 has been pledged from over 1000 backers. We at Gramsly love the idea behind Kangaroo Cup, and we love that it was started by a young girl to help her grandfather.