Announcing Gramsly’s “Meet A Senior” blog series

Here at Gramsly we’re always on the lookout for interesting and uplifting content about senior citizens. So much of the news focuses on the darker side of life. For instance, this morning the top result of a Google News search for “grandmother” was a gruesome story about a grandmother murdered in a nudist community.  The second most popular story was about a grandmother and her 3 grandchildren perishing in a mobile home fire. But at the same time, so many wonderful things are happening in the senior world:

We understand that the media outlets have a job to do, and that job includes reporting the bad news. However, we know that there’s a lot more to the story of getting older than what is being reported. Gramsly loves senior citizens and thinks they deserve to be celebrated for their wisdom & life experiences, and recognized as human beings with valuable stories to tell. That’s why we’re starting a new series on the blog called “Meet A Senior,” where we’ll feature senior citizens and tell their stories.

The good news is that anyone can be featured! If you know a senior (including yourself!) that wants to participate, please contact


4 thoughts on “Announcing Gramsly’s “Meet A Senior” blog series

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